Thelonious – Zonzo Compagnie

The extremely successful show ‘Mile(s)tones’ by the Belgian production house Zonzo Compagnie toured around the world. ‘THELONIOUS’ is the long expected sequel: another production in which the music and persona of a legendary jazz musician are at the centre.

A drummer, pianist and bassist take you to New York in the first half of the 20th century. As a child, Thelonious watches the piano keyboard over his big sister’s shoulder and finds himself completely entranced by the instrument. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of memorable encounters, jam sessions, success stories and his fair share of bad luck. As stubborn as he is talented, Thelonious Monk has a career full of ups and downs, making music that is every bit as unpredictable with its surprising harmonies and adventurous rhythms. However, this was never enough to stop him from becoming the “High Priest of Jazz”, with numerous jazz standards to his name.

Live music and video mapping involve you in Thelonious’ passion for experimentation, showing the artist from a different perspective each time. Ride this bebop train with the “Genius of Modern Music” and get right under Thelonious’ skin. Destination unknown, but it’s bound to be a crazy ride!

With Simon Segers, Fulco Ottervanger and Lieven Van Pée from the adventurous jazz trio De Beren Gieren.





Benjamin Vandewalle


Simon Segers


Fulco Ottervanger


Lieven Van Pee

Technical design

Pieter Nys


Steven Bontinck


Johanna Trudzinski

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