Lumo Light Festival – Finland

‘Sturm Der Liebe’ is a projection mapping on the Cathedral of Oulu, Finland during the Lumo Light Festival in 2018.
Everything bathes in mazarine blue. Birds announce a rising, undefined energy swelling in the distance. A whirlwind of colours rouses, dictated by the growing sound of distant voices. Emotions flare up in every corner and as chaos passionately takes over, a storm reaches its climax.

The similarities between the build-up to a hurricane and the ups and downs in an ardent relationship are endless. Sturm der Liebe visualises this metaphor in all its facets. From the tiniest molecule finding its way to the eye of the storm to endorphins released, each element remains in constant movement. The tempest dies down and tempers have calmed. All seems peaceful again, but is it calm before the storm?
Visualised by Nele Fack and accompanied by the lush sounds of AMyn (Niels Blondeel)


Lumo Light Festival, Oulu



Music & Sounddesign:


Phéline Thierens