Beyond Bruegel

BEYOND BRUEGEL offers a 360° experience into Breugel’s life and work in celebration of his 450th death aniversary. BEYOND BRUEGEL immerses you – literally- in the life and work of the Flemish master at the Palais de la Dynastie in Brussels. You’ll be walking through Bruegel’s paintings and engravings. You’ll stand, so to speak, alongside Mad Meg’s army or will be sailing on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel. While the works come to life, Bruegel will tell the story of his life and work as well as musings on his thoughts and anxieties. asked me to design and animate some of the floors. It was a great experience digging in the paintings of the old master and bringing them to life.




Artistic concept:


Bente Van Beers, Brecht Helsmoortel, Fabian Huwel, Jelle Dutry, Nele Fack, Nigel Fierens, Thibault Dochy, Whojo