HUSH – Zonzo Compagnie

HUSH, a creation for young audiences about the world of the baroque composer Henry Purcell, is a project that brings together music, theatre, shadows and puppets. At the centre of the stage lies a sort of magic box, an inventive reproduction of a small baroque theatre. Call it a dream machine, if you prefer … When the curtains of this mini opera open, behold the miracle! Zonzo Compagnie pulls out all the stops to plunge you into a marvellous world, the one which Purcell wrote such beautiful music for. In and around this modelled theatre are a singer and two musicians: one plays the lute, the other the accordion. Together, they are the ideal team to bring out the colours of Purcell’s repertoire, from The Fairy Queen to King Arthur via The Funeral of Queen Mary. As they make their way through the composer’s melodies, they guide you along the paths of the imagination. It will be impossible not to become an unconditional Purcell fan after the performance!


Zonzo Compagnie


2020 - 2021